Sunday, June 17, 2012

Elections in Egypt: Will the Country Move Foward or Back to the Middle Ages?

Egypt Update 11/25/12
A New Dictator Arises
   In the last few days Morsy has proven himself a true dictator. Not surprisingly, he has given himself a broad range of powers that have put him at odds with the very people that put him into power. He has given himself full power of the law, and declared his decisions unchallengeable by the courts. Does this put him at odds with Obama and his love of giving away our tax money as "aid"? No, in my opinion this parallels Obama's use of "Presidential Directives" to make his own laws, above reprisal.
   The effects of this massive power-grab made ripples throughout Egypt. The Egyptian Stock Market crashed down 10 percent on Sunday, the first day of trading since his usurpation. A couple of his cabinet members also quit in protest. His opposition from the election got together and created the "National Salvation Front", which plans to lead formal protest against his abuse of powers. The people of Egypt have filled the streets rioting against his new proclamation, but they have made little difference.
   Hopefully, Morsy will lose some of these new powers when Egypt's new constitution comes into affect, but only time will tell. I still question on a daily basis how our government can insist on aiding a muslim dictatorship, especially now that Morsy has shown his true colors. President Obama has yet to make a statement on the matter, most likely because doing so would seem hypocritical. It's my opinion (along with that of most Americans), that we really shouldn't be sending our tax money to these countries when we receive little to no benefit or influence. We have a crippling deficit that will sink our country within just a few years if nothing is done, and yet we can afford to pay muslim dictators. Makes you think maybe Morsy could pay off enough of his constituents like our president does... and he can be re-elected, dictator and all.

After several days of vote counting behind closed door, it appears as if Morsi won. Only time will tell if the "Religion of Hate" will tear Egypt apart or if Morsi will take a more secular approach as he has promised. One positive note is that he removed himself from the "Muslim Brotherhood" after his win. If Egypt is to have a future is going to need to remove himself from an Islamic point of view as well. but who knows what the future will hold.
   The time of truth has finally come for the Egyptians people. At this very moment the second day of elections has just gotten under way to find out who will be the democratically elected successor to Hosni Mubarak. Mubarak, an American ally had lead Egypt peacefully for 30 years until he was toppled during the "Egyptian Revolution", which was a movement inspired by the so called "Arab Spring". The two major contender are Morsi, a representative of the Muslim Brotherhood and Shafiq, an Ex Prime Minister of Egypt from Mubarak's regime. While neither choice is particularly appealing, The future of Egypt rest in not allowing the country to become an Islamic train wreck. Egypt's economy is based very highly on tourism, and not many tourist will want to visit an Egypt stuck in the Islamic middle ages.

   Unbeknownst to most people, Mubarak was very capable at holding back the powder keg that is Islam. For years he had been jailing the and exiling members of the "Muslim Brotherhood (MB)" Party. This was probably not the best way to handle the situation, and caused a lot of resentment from regular Egyptians who viewed it as an abuse of power. The main goal of the MB is to bring Sharia Law  to Egypt. Sharia Law is a very strict code of law based on the Koran. In a Sharia system, one can be executed for insulting the prophet Mohamed or using the name of Islam in vain. This is ironic considering that the Muslim brotherhood claims to be a peaceful party, yet Sharia Law is anything but peaceful. Countries that are ruled by Sharia Law are known for having a common practice known as "Virginity Checks (Wiki: "Virginity Test" for more info)" as well. This is where a man will force his sisters or daughters to strip naked so that he may "confirm" her virginity. This is just one of the few gross articles of neglect that a woman can expect under Sharia Law. This may seem outrageous by the equal standards that we have in America, but is quite common in countries that are ruled by Sharia. A women is expected to forgo her education in order to serve as a maid and sex slave for her husband.

   As a big slap in the face of the face of the Egyptian people, the MB initially promised that they would not run a presidential candidate after winning a majority of parliament seats. However, they quickly changed their minds after they got their first taste of power. Shafiq is an old prime minister with the backing of the military. Many Egyptians fear that he will be too similar as Mubarak, but he really is the only logical choice. If Morsi wins Egypt will be dragged back into the middle ages lifestyle with technical innovation, tourism, and freedom all but disappearing. The MB has gotten this far by waiting for the worldwide recession to hit, and then promising shared prosperity to everybody in the name of Islam. If only these promises were close to true.... Egypt's economy is based almost entirely on the tourism industry. However, nobody will be willing to take the risk of visiting if Sharia law is to take hold. The Economy will just sink further and further into a hole that will be barely held open at the promises of the next coming of Mohammed. Islam is a religion in which the sole purpose of its existence is to keep an authoritarian ruler in power, and the people subservient. Once Morsi is in place... we ,ay never see the Muslim Brotherhood leave. Let us hope the Egyptians stand strong and see through his lies in time to save their country and their cast resources. The Taliban (and other Moslem groups) have destroyed some of the great pre-islamic works and architecture in countries such as Iran and Iraq because they were considered blasphemous to the Koran.. If the MB wins... We can only pray the Pyramids and other such great works survive.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Canadian Psychos and Narcissm

    I'm sure everyone has heard of the so called "Canadian Psycho" by now. Luka Magnotta as he goes by, is the sick freak that murdered his boyfriend and mutilated his body on camera. He was recently just captured in Germany and is waiting extradition back to Canada for trial. There's also a queer possibility that he may have committed more murders; possibly an unsolved murder and mutilation in Florida. Sadly, the Canadian justice system will put him back on the street within 25 years. This does beg the question of bringing the death penalty to Canada, but that's not up to me.
  I think his case raises several question about the impact of the media in our lives. He was found reading news about himself in a German coffee shop. It appears that his major motivation for this crime was the attention that he received and continues to receive. We now live in a world where any gruesome crime can be read about all over the world within hours of the first report. Attention is a major motivation for a lot of psychotic individuals that commit crimes. Now such people can receive the attention they want with relatively little effort. Manson had to put together a group of people and commit several murders to receive the attention he was seeking. This homosexual "porn actor" murdered one person, and got his face plastered all over many of the worlds biggest newspapers. The worst thing is that the papers keep posting new pictures of his "Zoolander" poses every opportunity they get. I'm sure hes sitting in that prison, absolutely giddy with all the attention hes gotten.

   People need to make a bigger deal out of this treatment. We don't want to show people that this type of narcissistic behavior will be rewarded. Manson has his own brand of sick disciples, and this guy will be no different. When he gets out of Canadian prison there wont be any way of stopping him from making it big. The media has already made him a star. Were showing the narcissist of the world that criminal activity has a much higher reward to punishment ratio than before the digital revolution.

   So let's stand united. We need to contact the media outlets and ask that unnecessary pictures not be shown of criminals doing poses. We need to push for tougher penalties for murder in places like Canada. This is a good case for the death penalty in my opinion. The guy is on video committing a murderer, so why not kill him? How will eventually releasing him one day benefit anybody but him? OR maybe Canada will just pull a "Casey Anthony" and let him go...